Have you ever: 1. thought your penis is too big to handle? 2. Couldn’t make the penis fit into the vagina? 3. Caused your partner pain during intercourse due to your penis size? If this resonates with you, I encourage you to read on. I have encountered many men who come to me saying they […]

Location is about where you are looking for dates. This is usually my main focus when people approach me asking for help. My first question to them, and to those readers who are also finding difficulty in dating “how are you looking for dates?” Most people respond with “everything”. I’ll probe some more “such as?” […]

In a sea of endless possibilities of things that could go wrong, in terms of dating, I found that the solution is rarely that difficult. I have also found that it is easier to start with the bigger concepts when trying to figure out ways to improve your dating life. Start with the big picture […]

Here is the thing about online dating, you have one shot to make a first impression. So everything you do, from the photos you post, to what you write on your profile, to the first message you send is important. It is all important because it makes a statement about who you are and people […]

Why are you single: Running trends that I have noticed: Lazy: These are the people who don’t want to put in the work. I have seen people ask this: why can’t I find someone? I voice my two cents about how it takes work, and they just ignore me. Or I tell them try this […]

I have placed myself here in the public space to help people. I have many people asking for help and some need more attention than others. In a perfect world I would have all the resources and time to be able to help everyone. But as my family continues to grow, my own career is […]

This conversation in a nutshell shows how language can objectify women. Guy: It is unfair Me: What is unfair? Guy: That you are taken Me: how is that unfair? Guy: I don’t know, because others cant have you I know what the guy meant, he meant that it sucked I wasn’t single because he was […]

Over the years I have been trying to help people. I have helped people. I have also been trying to make income off of my specialties. I specialize in helping people date and improving relationships. My goal is to help the people I have seen online. The ones trying to use dating sites and failing. […]

What’s the worth of a penis? A penis is the male genitalia used for both urination and sexual activity. But for some reason there is an obsession over the size of the penis. A new article crossed my path yesterday (link below). It summarized a study that was done with 15,000 male participants and their […]

As I was walking to the bus listening to Taylor’s Swift “All You Had to Do was Stay” my mind drifted back to a friend-a once long term boyfriend. Our relationship had always been off-and- on, and just as the lyrics to the song said, all he really had to do was stay. He came […]